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AEC 2015, also known as ASEAN Economic Community 2015, is a uniting of 10 ASEAN countries and all 10 countries have agreed to use English as the official language for business.  The pioneering vision of FEU Cavite ensures that it is well equipped to handle the international trends of tomorrow.

It has been 9 years since Far Eastern University became the first University in the Philippines to certify the English proficiency of its students with the Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC® tests.  When Far Eastern University first began using the TOEIC® tests there were only 1 million test takers every year.  This year, the TOEIC® program delivers about 7 million tests in over 150 countries.  While the other campuses of the FEU System intermittently use the TOEIC® certifications, one campus namely FEU Cavite has remained committed to delivering a truly international education.

As the world becomes increasingly complex, graduates must display both the technical skills and soft skills to compete in today’s global workforce. Internationally certifying the communication skills of its students by using the TOEIC® tests will ensure that employers across the globe will recognize the quality of FEU Cavite graduates. Over 14,000 organizations in 150 countries use the TOEIC® tests when making critical decisions such as hiring and promotion. Using an internationally recognized credential, FEU Cavite ensures that its graduates will have the advantage when applying for jobs in both the local and global setting.

The most recent results of the TOEIC® tests conducted in FEU Cavite at March 2015 shows the international orientation of the FEU Cavite students. 100% of the students from selected courses who took part in the test program stated in a survey that they understood the value of their TOEIC® test scores. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the FEU Cavite students highlights that they are truly oriented to think both locally and globally. The global perspectives they gain from an FEU Cavite education show that they will become the future leaders of our country.

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