In order to participate in TOEFL ITP Remote Proctored session, you will need to complete the following steps on your computer:


  1. Download the Zoom® app -

  2. Perform a System Check to ensure your computer meets the system requirements. You must use a computer for testing. Chromebooks are not compatible with Zoom for Remote Proctoring sessions.

  3. Download the secure browser to be able to take the test.


Approximately 10‐15 minutes before your appointment time, review the policies in the meeting invitation email and prepare your testing environment.

  1. Prepare your Testing Location

  2. Before you enter the Zoom meeting, restart your computer. This will prevent unauthorized software from running in the background when you launch the test.

  3. You must use the computer and internet connection on which you performed the system checks. You can have only one computer monitor.

  4. You must test in a quiet, well‐lit, private location. Light source should not be behind you.

  5. Use a personal computer and network to take the exam. If you need to schedule time in advance to reserve a quiet space, please do so ahead of your appointment.

  6. Public locations such as coffee shops and computer labs are not permitted. Use of a private internet connection such as corporate networks, hotel networks or government connections will likely prohibit the use of the required technology due to the network's firewalls.

  7. Clear the area of notes, books, smart watches, tablets and any other items. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be removed from the area. Food and drinks are not permitted during testing.

  8. You may not leave your seat during the test administration.


Operating System
Windows 10 for Windows Computers
MAC OS X or higher for MAC Computers

Internet Browser
Internet Explorer 11 for Windows
Safari 9 or later for MAC

Minimum 14 inches Monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024 X 768

Stable internet connection

If you meet all the requirements but still encounter errors during the install, file a report at

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