In this fast-paced world, educational institutions recognize the necessity of producing aggressive, competent, and globally competitive graduates. Consequently, World Citi Colleges Educational System strives to equip its graduates from all three campuses (Antipolo, Caloocan, and Quezon City) with a sturdy foundation to prepare them when they venture out into the real world. One way they do so is by requiring their students from various colleges to take the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) to get international certifications indicating their English language proficiency, which is recognized across the globe.

TOEIC is an international standardized test which is the most widely recognized credential for English in the workplace with 7 million test takers every year in over 150 countries and is being used by more than 15,000 organizations. Numerous companies or institutions here and abroad – such as Starbucks, Samsung, and even the United Nations – require a specific TOEIC score for their employees and applicants. Companies which prefer a TOEIC score here in the Philippines and around the world include Dusit Thani, Samsung, Uniqlo, among others.
Moreover, a large number of educational institutions also utilize TOEIC for their students. Apart from monitoring and improving their students’ English skills, TOEIC allows academic institutions to ensure their graduates have more opportunities when they start looking for jobs. Excellent communication skills are needed for most careers both here in the country and overseas. 

Correspondingly, WCC Quezon City– the primary campus – requires its World CITIzens, specifically 2nd to 4th year students from all colleges, to take the pre-test and post-test using TOEIC. The pretest is meant for assessing and gauging the students’ language proficiency level in order to determine the areas that should be worked on in achieving the desired level or score when they take the posttest before they graduate and eventually look for jobs.

As the students took the TOEIC Listening and Reading tests last May 19, 2017 – Ms. Patricia Grace Pagatpat, a 4th year Psychology student – was the top scorer achieving a 965 out of the perfect 990 TOEIC score. Her score is equivalent to a C1 CEFR Level (General Professional Proficiency) which is the highest possible score range achieved when taking the TOEIC test. As plausible as it is, another set of students took the TOEIC Listening and Reading tests a week after where Ms. Chinie Wong got an impressive score of 925 out of a possible 990. She is a 3rd year HRM student and her score is also equivalent to a C1 CEFR Level. The C1 CEFR level is one step higher than what most universities and industries require or prefer from their applicants, which is a B2 CEFR level (Advanced Working Proficiency).

World Citi Colleges Quezon City takes international English standards earnestly by relentlessly striving to encourage all its students to graduate with excellent English communication skills. Evident in their institution’s hymn, World CITIzens are “called to serve and to care” which proves that WCCis committed to envision, achieve, and continue to deliver quality service in various fields of specialization in different parts of the world.

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