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Universities, colleges and professional schools throughout the world are facing the challenge of preparing, placing and competing for graduates. The ASEAN initiative has plans to move to a free regional labor market by 2015, which will allow St Scholastica’s College graduates to find employment opportunities anywhere in South East Asia. English has been chosen as the official language for the ASEAN free trade region, and being able to demonstrate your English proficiency meets global standards is an important requirement when being hired for a job position abroad.


 The ETS TOEIC® tests are the world leader in assessing English proficiency for the workplace, with 7 million tests delivered in over 140 countries in 2012. Seven out of the top 10 largest companies prefer the TOEIC® tests and scores are recognized by over 14,000 organizations worldwide. St. Scholastica’s College chose the TOEIC® tests as it is the most popular English certificate in the world.

St. Scholastica’s College once again proved that its 100 year old tradition of excellence continues today and is at par with global standards. Lovely April Salazar, an Accountancy student and Student Council President, got a perfect score of 990 on the TOEIC® test – showing that St. Scholastica’s College graduates are ready to excel both locally and globally.

In the most recent TOEIC Worldwide Data Report in 2012 – the Philippine average score was 678 out of 990. The average score of the students from St. Scholastica’s College was an incredible 156 points higher than the national average. This means that a St. Scholatica student is typically an entire proficiency level higher than the national standard.

The impressive TOEIC® scores the St. Scholastica’s college students obtained is proof of the continuing tradition of excellence in education in all level

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