As Universities around the Philippines scramble to prepare for ASEAN 2015, it is refreshing to see that Lyceum of the Philippines University system is strategically prepared to face the challenges of the ASEAN integration. Long before it was announced that English would be the official language of ASEAN, the Lyceum of the Philippines University system became the first University system to adopt the ETS TOEIC® tests.


Lyceum of the Philippines University has renewed their pioneering vision by recently signing a Memorandum of Agreement with Hopkins International Partners on 2015 which will extend the TOEIC® program in all 4 campuses until 2018. This agreement ensures that they will continue to be the pioneering University group when it comes to English education and certification.

The ETS TOEIC® tests are the world leader in assessing English proficiency for the workplace, with 7 million tests delivered in over 140 countries in 2014. 7 out of the top 10 largest companies prefer the TOEIC® tests and scores are recognized by over 14,000 organizations worldwide. The ETS TOEIC® are by far the most widely used English certification in Asia. Students and Employers from our ASEAN neighbors strongly value TOEIC® tests scores as proof of English proficiency.

The National Foreign Languages 2020 Project of Vietnam is requiring that all high-school teachers reach a C1 (TOEIC® L&R 950, TOEIC® S&W 400) standard by 2020. Thailand requires all foreign teachers to attain a score of at least 550 on the TOEIC® tests prior to being given a permit. The Ministry of Education in Indonesia currently uses the TOEIC® tests to evaluate their teachers. Even Laos, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to use the TOEIC® tests in their education system.


A key feature of ASEAN labor mobility is that the ASEAN agreements are moving towards locals first, ASEAN second.  This means that Philippine students must demonstrate objectively why they are more qualified than local talents of other ASEAN nations. The TOEIC® tests can help local students objectively demonstrate that they are more competent than their ASEAN counterparts. 


There are ASEAN MRAs in eight professions for accountants, architects, engineers, doctors, dentists, nurses, surveyors, and those in the tourism industry. Moe Thuzar, lead researcher at the ASEAN Studies Centre (Singapore) says  “And that is also what the mutual recognition arrangements are moving towards. So, that you do have a wider pool of skills and talents to choose from, after looking at what is available in your own national talent pool first.”


Students at Lyceum of the Philippines University share the passion for a true international education and ASEAN readiness. They have stated in a survey the value of these English certifications.  An overwhelming majority of students said that they valued the scores – LPU Batangas (97%), LPU Laguna (98.2%), LPU Manila (99.1%) and LPU Cavite (99.3%) .


Students who are looking for a truly world class education need not leave the Philippines – as there are outstanding Universities such as the Lyceum of the Philippines University (Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Manila) who promote an education to prepare students for the Philippines, ASEAN and the world.



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