As Trinity University of Asia (TUA) students and alumni grow and excel in the different fields of health sciences, communication, education, business, hospitality, and public service, the university forges ahead with emphasis on global competitiveness and alignment to international standards.

Following the lead of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) integration where English is the official language for business, education, research, and trade, TUA is taking active steps to ensure that the communication skills of faculty, staff, and students are at par with ASEAN and international standards. With the pledge to deliver the highest performance in instruction, research, and community service, TUA continues to improve its community of learners by equipping its faculty with the internationally recognized Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC®).

Encouraging self-improvement among employees, University President, Dr. Wilfred Tiu says, “Having competent, quality professors and staff members ensures that the university is able to continue providing an environment that produces competent graduates ready for local and international employment.”

Over the years, the university has been solidifying its exemplary delivery of services -- with its growing list of topnotchers, 100% passing rate in licensure exams, and increasing international affiliations, Trinity University of Asia is indeed building up to help more learners meet international standards with the TOEIC® Program.

TOEIC® is one of the most widely used and respected English-language assessments in the world, recognized by thousands of multinational companies, including LG Electronics, Shell, Accenture, and Canon. Early evaluation of a learner’s proficiency level will help both faculty members and students take purposeful steps to improve target skills and develop strategies to better their English proficiency skill level, ensuring they meet standards that will enable them to pursue a career or education here and abroad.

The Trinity University of Asia recognizes the value of English proficiency and has begun to certify their institution’s skill level to raise the bar for instruction, research, and service.

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