With the National University’s (NU) strong commitment to provide relevant, innovative, and accessible quality education, the university has begun the implementation of the TOEIC® Program to support NU’s aim to make all students globally competitive.

Upholding high standards of educational services for the holistic development of lifelong learners, the Management Team recently met with Hopkins International Partners, Inc. for the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement to ensure students are provided with a global certification for English proficiency. As local and international employers start to recognize the importance of communication skills for their employees, NU has taken active steps to support its students’ English skills.

“In a world of intense global competition and accelerated digital change, we want our students to be able to choose and start their career path by building their credentials while they are still in the University. Our ultimate goal is to close the gap between the industry-desired skills and the skills set of our graduates. We believe we can do this by developing the communication skills of our students, with our employees taking the lead,” says President and CEO Dr. Renato Carlos Ermita Jr.

With the internationally recognized Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC®), NU is assured that English proficiency score results are recognized across 160 countries, and by over 14,000 organizations. Utilizing the TOEIC® Program also provides Nationalians access to the Lexile Learning Platform that enables them to maintain, monitor, and move towards desirable proficiency levels.

English assessment is the first step for educators to understanding students’ needs in the language learning, with results that give graduates a chance to pursue a career, or even further education, inside and outside the country. With the university’s high standards for services, NU has fittingly chosen TOEIC® as a tool to support quality education that truly works.

National University has already taken the first step to certify its English proficiency.

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