Assumption College continues to provide a robust academic program by boldly stepping forward with Abilities- Based Learning (ABLe), to create opportunities for students to learn critical and creative thinking in real-world and community-based problems and situations, and by integrating the TOEIC- Test of English for International Communication, the world leader in Business English Assessments.

As extraordinary times demand for extraordinary measures, Assumption College embraces the new reality with new ways of thinking, communicating, and learning. Committed to continue providing an excellent academic program, a solid Catholic foundation, strong character formation program, and a comprehensive support system, the Abilities-Based Learning (ABLe) Online Modules, with its interactive learning features, has become the vehicle that facilitates reaching this goal.

Dr. Angela Fabiola V. Regala, President and College Dean explains, “Assumption College should be at the forefront of quality education during these challenging and exciting times. We begin with the end in mind, so everything that happens is carefully designed to reach what we dream our graduates to be. We must keep looking forward, steadfast in our mission to transform students into strong women leaders.”

True to its commitment to be at the forefront of education, Assumption College has consistently earned top scores in the TOEIC, with students getting an average of CEFR B2 and CEFR C1 language proficiency levels, exceeding local industry requirements, and ensuring graduate employability in local and international environments. For more than 13 years, Assumption College has been purposefully utilizing TOEIC and internationally benchmarked skills into real-world applications, ensuring that students are given the opportunity to grow, lead, and thrive in a global workforce upon graduation.

The Test of English for International Communication, or TOEIC, is one of the most widely used and respected English-language assessments in the world. The test is recognized by thousands of multinational companies including LG Electronics, Shell, Accenture, and Canon. TOEIC certifies language learners of their English level, giving them the option to pursue a career or education here or abroad. TOEIC also provides learning institutions a blueprint for necessary curriculum review, enabling administrators to pinpoint skills that may need strengthening and improvement.

With Assumption College moving quality education forward, more students can continue to gain access to a global credential such as TOEIC with available technology.

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